Alex Ogleton is a high-end portrait photographer based out of Phoenix, Arizona.

My name is Alex, and I'm a high-end photographer, specializing in branding, lifestyle, fashion & couples photography. Since 2005, it's been my professional viewpoint that when purposeful photos are taken with a perfected process, it doesn't require purchasing hundreds of random images. My clients trust my expertise and allow me full control of the creative aspect of the shoot. You can invest with confidence in a photographer that provides key high-quality photographs that will bring visual appeal to both you, your brand, or business consumers.

Outside of photography, my amazing wife, Alacia and I spend most of our time traveling, working out, trying new foods, sharing the Bible's good news, going to sports games, and entertaining our cute Bengal cat, Albi!

If you are ready for your investment, and my expertise sounds like what you're looking for in your photographer, then fill out the contact form today and I'll be in touch!

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