Alex Ogleton is an Arizona-based photographer.

In 2005 fresh out of high school, I started my love for photography, focusing primarily on families, weddings & engagements. In 2014, I switched my focus to portraits, branding, fashion, and recently automotive.

It's been my professional viewpoint that when purposeful photos are taken with a perfected process, it doesn't require purchasing hundreds of random images. My clients trust my expertise and give me complete creative control during shoots. You can invest confidently in a professional that provides high-quality services that benefit your image, your business, and your audience.

When I'm not creating, I spend my time with my sweet & beautiful wife of 10 years traveling, working out, trying new foods, doing local volunteer work, going to sports games, or being entertained by our cute Bengal cat, Albi.

If you are ready for your investment, and my expertise sounds like what you're looking for, then fill out the inquiry form today and I look forward to working with you!