Alex Ogleton

I'm a Phoenix, AZ-based photographer but grew up in Southeastern, PA (Delco) just outside South Philadephia. I have been in Arizona for 5+ years with my beautiful wife, Alacia, and our cute Bengal cat, Albi.

In 2005, fresh out of high school, I bought my first camera because of my hope to fill a void and provide something special for others I lost - the memories of life's milestones. I found a love for photography & the satisfaction it brings to create something luxurious, and unique & give something special to others or yourself.

From personal portraits to fashion, modeling, seniors & couples, my clients give me full creative control with their vision in mind because of my years of experience & pre-planning process.

My gear of choice is the 45-megapixel Canon EOS R5 + R6 and my favorite lenses are the 85mm f/1.2, 35mm f/1.4, and 135mm f/2. I use the 85 to be close to my subject but also keep that lens compression and buttery bokeh (aka lens blur). The “buttery bokeh” is what drew me to photography in the first place, my creative juices pushed me to find out how I could replicate that, along with my unique editing style. My greatest tools are the sun and light modifiers. As a natural light photographer, my main focus is to shape the light on you and make you look as phenomenal as possible!

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