About Alex Ogleton

I have worked with hundreds of clients from everyday people to state pageant winners, fashion models & fashion brands. My work has been published for the last 6 years for various companies & businesses.

I grew up in several suburbs outside of South Philadelphia, I lived in Oklahoma, where I met my beautiful & sweet wife, Alacia. Now we live and work in Phoenix, Arizona. In 2005, I started my photography career out of the sheer desire to release my creative passion & give people something unique they are proud of sharing with family, friends & their clients.

I started shooting weddings, portraits & business headshots and quickly learned that I brought the best out of people because of my ability to connect with them and capture their best on camera. I took a few years off when I first got married to really bond with my wife and focus on our faith & future together. Alacia saw how much I loved photography, so she decided to join my side when I started up again. My focus shifted strictly to shooting fashion, lifestyle & portraits because it's my natural instinct to try to make even everyday people look like they should be on a magazine cover.

My gear of choice is Sony a7R III and all prime lenses. I love the buttery effect prime lenses give and how they make my subjects stand out in the photo. Everything else my clients love & hire me for is the unique retouching process I created and have perfected over time.

If you "just need a photographer" or "just need some pictures", I'm sorry I'm probably not the photographer for you. My ideal clients fall in love with my style! I work with them to understand their vision and capture images that are worth the investment in themselves, their memories, or their brand. If that's you, then you've found your photographer!

Fill out the inquiry form and I look forward to working with you!