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~ Maricopa's Waterless Mobile Car Detailer ~

We Come To You

Are you tired of waiting in long lines at a car wash only to come away with various sports, swirls, and scratches on your vehicle that is still not clean? If that's you, contact The O.C.Detailer and let us do the work and provide you with a professional wash and detail. We come to your location and provide our expert car care services to your vehicle while you are at work or relaxing at home. Contact us today and schedule your car care service by calling 602-357-0550.



Length 1 hour minutes per vehicle


  • Full Body Hand Wash
  • Tire & Rims Cleaned
  • Tire Shine
  • Window Cleaning Insideout
  • Light Vacuum - floors, seats, and trunk

Door Jams, Doors, Dash, Cup Holder, and Seats

*Does not include removal of tough foods, dirt & stains.

Standard $75

SUV/Truck + $10

Lifted vehicles are not included at this time.


Length 1 hour 30 minutes per vehicle


  • Deep Vacuum - floor, seats, floor mats, and trunk.
  • Clean and Protect/Dress Vinyl:

Doors, Dash, Cup Holders (matte or gloss)

Air Vents Cleaned

Plastic/Wood/Metal Cleaned and Protected

  • Wash Goodies

Standard $130

SUV/Truck +$15

Lifted vehicles are not included at this time.


Length 2 hours per vehicle


  • Clean Buttons, Knobs, and Crevesez
  • Bug and Tar Removal
  • Plastic Trim Shine
  • Exterior Paint Wax Seal
  • Wash Goodies

Standard $200

SUV/Truck +$25

Lifted vehicles are not included at this time.


~ these services can only be combined with a washing service ~


Length 1 hour additional per vehicle


  • Window and mirror cleaning
  • Window and mirror clay bar decontamination
  • Window and mirror ceramic coating treatment

*Ceramic coating offers up to 12 months of protection, per manufacturer if properly maintained.

*For best results, we recommend access to your garage for proper protection from the elements to apply the clay bar treatment, ceramic coating, and 2-3 hours of curing. from the elements.

Standard: $100

SUV/Truck + $30

*Lifted vehicles are not included at this time.

Paint Correction Service COMING SOON!!!

Length: 4 hours additional per vehicle


  • Paint hard water spot removal
  • Paint clay bar decontamination
  • One-step paint correction and scratch removal polish

*Correction for light to medium swirls, scratches, and oxidization. This one-step paint correction does not include correction for paint this is peeling, fading, or rusting.

*This detailing service requires access to a garage for proper protection from the elements to apply the clay bar treatment, polish, and 12 hours of curing from the elements.

Standard $600

SUV/Truck +$200

*Lifted vehicles are not included at this time.





How do I book a detail?

  1. Call Us at 602-357-0550.
  2. We will get you on our schedule.
  3. We will send you a calendar reminder of your detail.

What Arizona areas do you serve?

Currently, we only serve the City of Maricopa but will be expanding to Chandler & the Ahwatukee Foothills soon.

Can you show up at my job and detail my car?

Currently, we provide a full-service mobile-to-home only. We hope to provide a full-service mobile-to-business service in the future.

What detailing products do I use?

We use premium detailing products from a company that has been around since 1968,

and trusted worldwide.

Do you have any requirements since you are a mobile car detailer in hot Arizona?

For the most effective detailing, we do require that your vehicle not be in direct sunlight at least 2 hours before our arrival. We also require your vehicle to not have been run within 1-2 hours before the detail. The hotter the surface of the vehicle, including a recently run engine, the less effective specially formulated materials work.

Do you inspect cars before cleaning?

Yes, we take great care of all our client's vehicles like it's our own. We perform a 5-10 minute to inspect the interior & exterior of your vehicle. We want you to be aware of the current condition of your vehicle and look for things like damage, scratches, scuffs, tears, dents, etc. prior to cleaning. We also provide options to let you know what can be done to correct issues possibly not included in your current booked detail. We also do not use any abrasive materials or tools on your vehicles, so many times longstanding environmental contaminants like dirt, dust, rain, iron, or cleanings from local car washes can cause those imperfections or damages and be unseen until a professional detail is done.

What happens if you need to cancel?

  • If you need to cancel, call 2 hours ahead and we can re-schedule a date.
  • If we show up and you cancel last minute or are a no-show, an additional $35 trip charge may be added to the rescheduled date.
  • If there is a dust storm, haboob, or severe storm in the forecast I will communicate with you and reschedule at the earliest date possible.

When is the payment due?

The payment is due when we arrive at your home and before we begin work.

How do I make payments?

All payments can be made with Cash, Zelle, Paypal, or Cash App.

Tips are welcomed but not required.

What is a one-step machine paint correction?

The one-step corrections are the most common, as they are a great bang for your buck service. A one-step removes all light swirling on the finish, leaving behind any deeper defects such as random intermittent deep scratches (RIDS) behind. Typically one-steps are done with a polish and a light cutting pad or a polishing pad. For paints that have a lot of metallic flake or lighter colors such as silver or white, you can typically get away with using a slightly more aggressive product for greater correction. The goal is to remove minor scratches and swirls as well as improve the gloss clarity and reflectiveness of the vehicle's paintwork.

What are the benefits of a one-step machine paint correction?

This type of detail has an array of benefits, it is an affordable way of improving the appearance of your vehicle for you to enjoy or to improve saleability. This detail would also be ideal to help prepare your vehicle's paintwork for the harsher weather months.

What's included in our one-step machine paint correction?

  • Exterior cleaning, rinse & dry including alloys/tires, including inside door trim.
  • Full clay bar decontaminating your vehicle's paintwork, windows, mirrors, and headlights of tar deposits, iron fallout, and any other environmental contaminants. This preparation ensures your paintwork has no containments that can cause additional swirls/scratches and is ready to be machine polished.
  • Machine and hand polish with the proper pads and compounds for the best out of this one-step detail. 

What are the benefits of a paint ceramic coating detail?

Ceramic Coating is Hydrophobic

  • This means that the coating is extremely water repellent. You have probably been stunned by the videos of this online, as it’s usually the first demonstration of what Nano ceramic can do. Once it’s cured, the coating causes water to bead on the surface of your car and completely slide off.

Added Protection

  • The extra layer of protection prevents water, dirt, and mud from bonding to your vehicle’s paint which makes cleaning your car much easier. Ceramic coating adds exceptional protection to your car’s paintwork that will last for 12 months if properly maintained.

Improved Durability

  • A ceramic coating for cars bonds with the molecular structure of your car's paint. This means that it works much harder at protecting your surface than just an ordinary paint job. Plus, it lasts for years!

Enhanced Depth & Extended Lifespan of Paintwork

  • With just a single application, ceramic coating increases color depth, and extends the lifespan of the paintwork, while its hydrophobic properties make achieving a fresh, clean look even easier.

What are the benefits of a glass ceramic coating detail?

Improved Visibility

  • When it is raining, your front windshield, rear windshield, and side windows view can become completely blocked until the windshield wipers get activated. Since the ceramic coating is hydrophobic, during poor weather such as fog, or a rainstorm where it is especially helpful. Ceramic coating is hydrophobic (meaning - the physical property of a molecule that is seemingly repelled from a mass of water) which means it provides a flat, smooth surface that is resistant to water. This means that when it is raining outside, the water will not stick to the glass itself as easily which will make it much easier for you to see outside of your vehicle, which will make you much safer, as improved visibility will help you avoid potential accidents.

Easier Cleaning

  • With a ceramic coating on your car’s glass, contaminants that are usually difficult to remove such as bug splatters, bird droppings, tree sap, etc. wipe off much easier. This is most helpful if you drive a commercial truck or frequently go on long road trips since your windshield will stay clean much longer and when it does get dirty, will be easier to clean.

Enhanced Clarity

  • When properly applied, you can expect a ceramic coating to leave behind no residue, film, or anything else that can negatively affect visibility. Ceramic coating is also UV resistant, which helps in terms of clarity since there is less glare from the sun that can mess with your view. This anti-glare is also helpful when driving at night to protect against the headlights from other cars.

Scratch Resistant

  • After curing, a ceramic coating provides an extremely durable and strong protective shell that is scratch-resistant and can last 12 months or more when properly applied. By reducing the potential for scratches from something like blowing sand or small debris, the ceramic coating helps with the longevity of your automotive glass. It still won’t protect against something like a rock chip hitting your glass at high speeds, though.

What does Ceramic Coating NOT do?

The ceramic coating on a car does have a lot of benefits, but it does not make your car bulletproof. Just because your car has undergone the ceramic coating treatment does not mean that you no longer need to maintain it properly. It just makes maintenance easier! Ceramic coatings are NOT scratch-proof. Ceramic coatings will provide paint protection but are NOT resistant to rock chips and major scratches.