When it comes to mentoring, I work one on one with each individual in person. Generally, the participant will use his or her own photography equipment to shoot an experienced model and bring a basic understanding of how to use their photography gear. If time allows, we will shoot at multiple locations.

The process is simple. I quickly review the basic adjustments for how to expose your images to achieve my most desired style, so you can start with a solid foundation as you build your portfolio after the session. This foundation learning is so necessary to creating mind-blowing Photoshop edits. Once the foundation has been learned, we will cover how to build rapport with your subject in minutes before you begin shooting. As we shoot I will cover how to properly use my favorite light modifier and how to find & shape the best available light. Mentoring sessions are generally booked 30-days in advance.

2 Hour Session - $450

This session is in-person and ideal for people who would like to become more proficient with exposing, shooting & using light modifiers. It allows for a more specific one-on-one workshop. Because there is more time, I repeat my process multiple times throughout the session. There is also more time given to answer the participant’s questions. Payment can be sent below after your mentoring agreement is signed & scheduled.

1-Hour Online Retouching Session


I share my screen via Google Meets or Zoom

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